Core Modules:

1.      Comply with Service Levels as Set Out in A Contact Centre Operation

2.      Demonstrate an Understanding of Testing It Systems Against Given Specifications

3.      Explain the Principles of Computer Networks

4.      Explain Computer Architecture Concepts

5.      Resolve Computer User’s Problems

6.      Participate in Groups and/or Teams to Recommend Solutions to Problems

7.      Describe the Types of Computer Systems and Associated Hardware Configurations 

8.      Describe Information Systems Departments in Business Organisations 

9.      Apply Problem Solving Strategies

10.   Resolve Technical Computer Problems

11.   Explain How Data Is Stored on Computers

12.   Investigate the Use of Computer Technology in an Organisation 

13.   Demonstrate an Understanding of Preventative Maintenance, Environmental and Safety Issues in a Computer Environment 

14.   Handle A Range of Customer Complaints 

Elective Modules:


1.      Apply the Principles of Supporting Users of Local Area Networks

2.      Demonstrate an Understanding of Computer Network Communication

3.      Install A Local Area Network

4.      Describe and Install Computer Printers 

5.      Describe Data Communications


Fundamentals Modules:


1.      Use Mathematics to Investigate and Monitor the Financial Aspects of Personal, Business, National and International Issues 

2.      Apply Knowledge of Statistics and Probability to Critically Interrogate and Effectively Communicate Findings on Life Related Problems

3.      Represent Analyse And Calculate Shape and Motion In 2-And 3-Dimensional Space in Different Contexts 

4.      Use the Writing Process to Compose Texts Required in The Business Environment 

5.      Interpret and Use Information from Texts

6.      Write/Present/Sign for A Wide Range of Contexts

7.      Engage in Sustained Oral/Signed Communication and Evaluate Spoken/Signed Texts

8.      Write/Present/Sign Texts for A Range of Communicative Contexts 

9.   Engage in Sustained Oral/Signed Communication and Evaluate Spoken/Signed Texts

10.   Read/View, Analyse And Respond to A Variety of Texts 

11.   Accommodate Audience and Context Needs in Oral/Signed Communication

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