Core Modules:

1.      Demonstrate an understanding of issues affecting the management of a local area computer network (LAN)

2.      Install and configure a multi-user networked operating system

3.      Demonstrate Appropriate Customer Care in The Context of It Support, According to a Service Level Agreement

4.      Monitor and maintain a multi-user networked operating system

5.      Administer a local area computer network

6.      Describe Enterprise Systems Management and Its Role in It Systems Support

7.      Demonstrate an Understanding of The Concepts of Multi-User Computer Operating Systems

8.      Demonstrate an understanding of local area computer networks, by installing a networked workstation

9.      Demonstrate an understanding of Wide Area Computer Networks (WAN`s), comparing them with Local Area Networks (LAN`s)

10.   Test Networked IT systems against given specifications

11.   Install and Commission A Local Area Computer Network

12.   Demonstrate an Understanding of Different Computer Network Architectures and Standards

13.   Design A Local Area Computer Network for A Departmental Office Environment


Elective Modules:


1.      Administer Security Systems for A Multi-User Computer System

2.      Create database access for a computer application using structured query language

3.      Demonstrate an understanding of Computer Database Management Systems


Fundamentals Modules:


1.      Prepare for And Finish Off Salon Services 

2.      Work as A Project Team Member 

3.      Explain the principles of business and the role of information technology

4.      Conduct a technical practitioners meeting

5.      Demonstrate an awareness of ethics and professionalism for the computer industry in South Africa

6.      Demonstrate an understanding of estimating a unit of work and the implications of late delivery

7.      Use computer technology to research a computer topic

8.      Apply the principles of resolving problems for single-user and multi-user computer operating systems

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