1What is a call center?
A center equipped to handle a large volume of telephone calls. These calls could be the calls coming in from customers for service or support or these could be the calls that call center executives make to the customers for marketing.
2What are the different types of call centers?
There are mainly two types of call centers – a.) Inbound call centers – Inbound call centers are those which receive support or service calls from customers usually on a toll free number. For e.g. when you call up a bank to check the status of your request for credit card, it is an inbound call. b.) Outbound call centers – Outbound call centers are those in which the call center executives make calls to the customers. These calls are usually made to generate the leads or sales. For e.g. when you receive a call from a bank offering you a personal loan, it is an outbound call.
3Describe your QA “quality assurance” practices and internal evaluation process for agents?
The QA process varies from client to client depending on each client’s needs. Some campaigns have dedicated QA monitors that do continual monitoring and evaluations. Other clients choose to do their own QA monitoring using our monitoring software. QA standards and scoring sheets are set up for each account and include criteria such as: •Rebuttal and Objection Handling •Energy and Attitude •Improper Use of Filler Words: •Pronunciation and Articulation: •Speed and Pace •Listening Skills •Professionalism •Disposition and Documentation •Process Adherence •Dialing Readiness Internally we do regular evaluations of agent performance by their team leader and this information is used during the agent evaluation process.
4What are your client specific training procedures?
Executive Boutique’s trainers would work closely with your company to oversee the training of the agents and manager. While we encourage clients to visit our office during the training period to train in person, most training can be done over the phone using GoToMeetings (or other web-based screen sharing service). Our large conference room is equipped with a state-of-the-art projector which is used for training sessions. Training materials are generally provided to us by the client in advance of the start of training so that we can assist in the preparation of training modules and gauge the time necessary to complete the training. We use role plays, simulations and test calls as part of all training exercises. In addition, we also include outlines for agent procedures such as call scripts, call handling procedures and customer management.
5Can we conduct interviews and select specific agents for our campaigns/services?
Yes, we will identify a group of agents that we feel are qualified for the job and then set up telephone interviews. Usually those interviews include a role play so that the prospective customer can hear what each agent sounds like. If the job requires specific computer skills, we can set up advance testing or real-time testing using screen sharing software so that our clients can watch the agents perform the required tasks.
6What is the standard hiring profile and minimum skill requirements for agents (i.e. education level, prior experience, etc.)?
Generally all agents have complete at least 2 years of college and have prior call center experience, generally at one or more large call centers.

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