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April 6, 2017
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Up Coming Courses

upcoming courses

2017 Courses Introduction

Just as our mission clearly states that we at PGC are all about and not limited to – “Developing quality, user-friendly Information Technology solutions to improve on information acquisition, storage and communication”. We, indebted to our client’s satisfactory needs, will stop at nothing to live up to every set standard hence we embrace the culture of innovation and uncompromised quality education for all. With that being said > since versatility is of essence with us, it is with great pleasure that PGC announces the upcoming courses that will commence in the month of March particularly in the following fields:

Basic Nursing Skills

  • Anciliary Health Care

Duration – 6 Months

Entry Level – Grade 8 to 12


  • Intermediate Community Health Work (Level 2)

Duration – 1 Year

Entry Level – Grade 10 to 12


  • Advanced Community Health Work (Level 4)

Duration – 1 Year

Entry Level – Grade 12


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